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Our Services

Web Design & Maintenance Package

We build websites with your set budget in mind.

We use various tools to help build your brand.

Flyers, pamphlets, cards, box designs & more.

Keep in touch with your clients or find new customers by organic list building. 

Stay ahead of the competition with accurate placement on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Grow your audience on the best trending social platforms online.

Have a secure place to host, create and expand your websites. Make your website a store today!

Know what's happening around you. Learn about your market & competitors online.

This service is perfect for those who want to have favorable standings in any search engine. It is also geared for funneling prospect towards the business' desired call to action (phone call, email, directions and more).

Service Includes:
  • Monthly image tags and link verification.
  • Monthly web content proofreading and keyword text insertion.
  • Monthly keyword review and rotations.
  • Monthly add-on and design rotation to existing pages
  • Intergrated UX Design for functionality, funneling process & information delivery. 
Web Advertisement Service

This service is perfect for those who want to increase their online sales or branding on various website platforms. This service offers landing pages and funneling processes to ensure the campaign goals are met.

Service Includes:
  • Create campaigns on any social media platform.
  • Grow your audience with brand marketing.
  • Create ads to funnel prospects to your website.
  • Creation of localized ads based on campaign goals.
Social Media Marketing:
Search Engine Marketing:
  • Audience research and specialized keyword optimization.
  • Main focus on Google Ads campaigns.
  • Optimized Google Ads listings.
Custom Marketing Campaign Creation:
  • Landing page creation on website.
  • Funneling process in place.
  • Daily campaign monitoring.
  • Feedback results report.
Graphic Design Service

This service creates personalized media suitable for all industries. We research your specific niche to give you the best edge on current competition. This service offers custom marketing materials used to increase their sales, branding and more!

Service Includes:
  • Istock Image gallery included.
  • Digital posters, flyers, pamphlets, document designs for websites.
  • Print design available.
  • Store decals, logos, magnets, banners, business cards creation & more.
  • Customized embroidered or printed business apparel.
  • Custom business branded office supplies designs.
Social Media Optimization

This service is made to enrich your presence online and the long-term branding of your company. The goal of this service is to provide regular maintained social media services and optimize the content to appear in front of the desired audience.

Service Includes:
  • Creation of relevant & suitable social media business accounts which will convert prospects to clients.
  • Ongoing maintenance of social media accounts.
  • Competitor research on social media sites & audience.
Search Engine Optimization

This service is created to ensure your website is not only listed #1 on Googles 1st page but to take over all the links of the 1st page of Google. This service will also amplify your standings in other keyword related terms not necessarily linked to your business name.

Service Includes:
  • Monthly website keyword review.
  • Create and maintain Google Business account (Google maps & search engine).
  • Testing of titles, tags & description to target different audiences on Google, Bring or Yahoo.
  • Monthly competitor keyword research and archive collection.
  • Monthly company research for keywords and areas to advertise.
  • Backlink creation on forums, blogs, social media & other networks to drive leads to your website.
  • Creation of company's own business blog or other outlet (to help the company take over more links on Google, Bing or Yahoo!).
Direct Mail Marketing

Increase repeat business by keeping your customers informed about the latest product or information. Build an organic email list by funneling prospects from your website to your customer list!  

Service Includes:
  • Monthly email creation.
  • Organic contact list building through website registration and other outlets.
  • Integrated User Experience Designed email (helps funnel clients in a seamless way. Taking in account their expectation and emotion).
  • Email reporting available with explanation.
Basic Web Maintenance Service

This service is to give the user the ability to build and maintain a healthy website all on their own. Take advantage of our simple drag and drop feature to edit your own site, blog or entity with the capabilities of transforming into a web store in the future.

Service Includes:
  • Regular Websites Builder 
  • Responsive Websites Builder
  • E-Commerce Websites Builder
  • Mobile Friendly Website Versions
  • Website & Media Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • SSL Certification
  • Website analytics Installation.
  • Listing Express on Google, Bring & Yahoo!
  • Traffic Booster for New Websites.
Website Analytics Service

This service is to give businesses the competitive edge they need to compete against their competitors online. We provide wealth of information to keep the business on top of its game.

Service Includes:
  • Weekly Google Analytics report with explanations.
  • Monthly social media report with explanation.
  • Monthly online advertisement analytics with explanation.
  • Competitor website analytics report with explanation